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Livestrong bracelets

Livestrong bracelets a fundraising item founded by Lance Armstrong Foundation in May 2004 to raise fund for cancer victims.


Anywhere you go, you will see people wearing the every-popular yellow LIVESTRONG® silicone wristbands or LIVESTRONG® bracelets which we also personalize for people around the world. We are actually the first and only company in the world to personalize authentic LIVESTRONG wristbands.
L.A.F. has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for cancer research by selling these bands for a dollar each.


Why YELLOW??? Lance Armstrong chose yellow color because it is the color of yellow jersey which is worn by the leader Tour de France.
This band gained popularity worldwide in 2004 when some famous personalities like John Kerry, Katie Couric, Matt Damon and many other personalities started wearing the band. Upon seeing this, many other charities started using wristbands to support their cause.
Inspired by his fight against cancer, Nike joined hands with Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) to create the Livestrong wristband to raise awareness and support people who are suffering from cancer all over the world. They gave the LAF five million Live strong wristbands to start and Lance and his staff thought it was going to be impossible to sell them all. Lance actually said, "We may sell a million, but we'll be stuck with the rest!"


The LAF believes that to help overcome the fight against cancer, knowledge is power and attitude is everything. The Livestrong bracelet wearers have embraced this attitude and they wear their wristbands proudly.
Our mission for our custom livestrong wristband campaign is to let those who have loved ones know they are always being thought of or for those who want to remember to keep fighting for those they have lost to cancer and to continue to build awareness that cancer can be beaten one day.

Silicone wristbands are known by different names

Awareness bands
Spirit bracelets
Cancer bands
Reminder bands etc.

What's SPECIAL about wearing Livestrong Wristbands?

Wearing a livestrong wristband makes a powerful statement about the wearer.
When you wear a live strong wristband you shout to the world-"I care".

This movement came into force when the famous cyclist Lance Armstrong struggled with this disease. Despite facing this problem, Lance Armstrong, with this famous live strong motto, went on to become six-time champion of the Tour de France. This awareness bracelet conveys the message to live a strong life, making every moment count and appreciate the struggles and joys.

If you want to spread the message in a creative way let your son or daughter give out the livestrong wristband to his or her classmates instead of brownies or cupcakes. The livestrong wristband is a great way to spread inspiration and encourage kids.


Live strong, live healthy, and live happy today and every day.

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