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Production process of Silicone Bracelet

We appreciate all of our long term cooperation customer. Ascribing to your long term supplier, WEIXIN have become a leading supplier and exporter of Silicone BraceletPower Balance Wristbands, Silicone Watches. We hereby summarize our production process of Silicone Bracelets, wish this article will be helpful for your to understand our better.


1.    Artwork design

Most of artwork will be made according to customer’s draft by plane painter, like CorelDRAW (CDR) or Adobe Illustrator (AI). If the customer could not supply the draft, we can also design for the customer based the initial idea or thought.


2.    Open mold for Silicone Bracelets

Mold master will make the slab rubber first, and then engrave to plumbe, finally to the steel mold. Majority of mold will be made out within three days from we get the design, minority will take 5-7 days because of the complexity.


3.    Mix color and rubber compounds

We are capable for color mixing, small tolerance. All of the color will be as per customer’s appointed Pantone Color number.


4.    Prepare the material

Each Silicone Bracelets are in average weight as 5.5-6.5 grams, measured by electronic scale


5.    Production

After everything is ready, we will move to the further step. We set up the mold to the Hydraulic Machine and warm it to 250. Generally, 15,000 pcs Silicone Bracelets will be produced based 9 cave mold.


6.    Inspection for semi-finished products

Quality is no. 1 factor of our long term relationship with our customer. Each Silicone Bracelets will be checked based our QC standard. The unqualified products will be processed as scraps.


7.    Deburring

Each Silicone Bracelets will have leftover silicone while take off from the mold, our worker will process by hand. Daily capacity should be about 3000 pcs each people per day


8.    Quality control for finished product

We have the finished Silicone Bracelets after deburrring, but they are still need the last quality inspection. unqualified, unpassed.


9.    Packaging

Generally two kinds of packaging: individual opp bag packaging or bulk packaging depend to customer’s requirement. 100 pcs per big opp bag, 20 big bags in an cartons. We could also finished the packaging according to your requirement.

10. Warehousing

After the final inspection of Silicone Bracelets, goods will be handed over to warehouse and waiting for the shipment.


If you have any questions on the production process of Silicone Bracelets, welcome to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in any time

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