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LSR-products (liquid silicone rubber)

Liquid Silicone RubberWEIXIN develops and manufactures challenging LSR liquid silicone products that have the following typical characteristics:

  • Heat tolerance up to +180°C
  • Good elastic properties
  • Stays elastic also in cold conditions
  • Good UV and ozone tolerance
  • Excellent aging and weather tolerance
  • Excellent electrical insulator over a large temperature range
  • Neutral odour and taste
  • Non-allergenic in direct skin contact
Physiologically neutral characteristics, suitable for food processing and medical purposes
Translucent basic material, can easily be dyed to the desired colour with pigments
Properties of special liquid silicones:
  • Fireproofed special qualities (UL 94 approval)
  • Antistatic and electricity-conducting versions

Some examples of LSR products:

  • Breathing mask parts
  • Diving equipment
  • Laminations for a dentist's instrument panel
  • Bellows, feedthroughs and rubber sheaths
  • Shaped gaskets

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